natalie henry

    Hey what’s up guys I’m Natalie, a all natural phone whore.  And before you think I’m going to give you this huge fake ass story about who I am or what I look like, why don’t I just let you know right now that’s not going to happen. See I’m not here to make you think I’m this super hot porno star that everyone wants to fuck. If I was, I totally would be off making tons of men worship my feet while taking a STD test at the same time. Nope, sorry guys. I’m just a crazy ass 23 year old girl that loves to have fun. If that sounds boring well then fuck you! I have been doing this job long enough to know that it really doesn’t matter what the girl looks like, its all about what she can do with your head and what’s between your legs. That’s where I come in at. I’m not trying to be your wifey, I just wanna be your friend. Someone you can come and talk to you when you need to talk, laugh, cry or cum with.

     I don’t know about you, but I like to get off the most realistic way as possible. I like my mind to be crazy stimulated. I like meeting new people girls and guys who just like to chill and be real. (that wasn’t supposed to rhyme) I meet tons of people all the time and one thing they say about me that makes me different from any other girl is that I’m so fucking real its amazing. Life is way to short to be any other way. I love to work hard and I love to play hard! And that is.. well it’s balance. Nothing wrong with a little balance in your life right?

     The other grrrrreat thing about getting to know me is, I love to do a lot of normal stuff. I love to work out and totally into being healthy. I love music it’s so my passion. I do a lot of singing and dancing. (I should get paid for it but I don’t lol) I like sports believe it or not. Now I’m not going to say I’m into everything, but I dabble just ask me. I love being outside in nature. A lot of outdoor activities, especially rollerblading. It’s kinda like my thing. I used to bike it a lot, but I got hit by a car and um so yea, you know the end to that story. TMI? Too late, fuck it!

     There are a few other things you should know about me. First off, don’t ask me for pics please. Again, I just wanna be your friend. Friends love and have fun with each other with no strings attached. I wanna get to know you, the real you. The you that no one takes time to listen to. Sometimes I feel like I am too complicated for the world, but then I talk to one of my friends on the phone and I feel pretty cool again. So it’s not just you getting some me, it’s me getting something from you too! (isn’t that what friends do is share with each other?) If you can’t tell already I like to joke around, I like to play around too. *Rubs hands together*

     Now on to the good stuff. LOL. Well I am very open-minded. I am into anything sexy really. I like it fast, slow and anywhere in between. A little flirting while we are watching the game, or something that will just make the both of us go insane. I love being nude and free. Clothes just weigh me down. I pretty much will try anything once, as long as it makes sense. I’m not into that far out stuff. To each their own but as long as you don’t call me with any animals, bodily fluids or age play we can be friends.

If you wanna know what kind of phone calls I do/don’t do, then check out my phone sex rules. Can’t wait to play and get to know more about you. Tell your girlfriend “shes nobody baby…..