Good girl turned STRIPPER for the night!

It’s a Friday night and me and a few of my girlfriends went out to have some fun. We decided we would go to a strip club just for shits and giggles. We didn’t know of any male strip clubs, so we went to one of the millions of strip clubs in our city. We were all dressed in our clubbing clothes. I was wearing a mini skirt that was super short. It came right under my ass and there was no way I could bend down in it. My pussy would be hanging out if I did! Of course my friends were dressed the same. Halter tops on with our short little mini skirts. My heels were 4.5 inches tall and I felt like all the guys were looking at my legs. I mean we were technically dressed like strippers. There were so many guys in this strip club, the girls stuck out like sore thumb. We got a table towards the front of the stage and started drinking immediately. We had never been to a strip club before so we were super excited for the whole experience. We looked around and noticed guys looking at us like WE were strippers. It was kinda cool actually. We started being silly and flirting with all the old pervs there to check out the girls on stage. They would whistle at us when we danced to the music and wave $1 bills in our face wanting us to dance on their lap. Of course we weren’t going to take the bait. Then, this guy cums in and sits right in front of the stage. His jeans were tight and you could tell his cock was at least 9 inches long the way it was poking through his pants. “Hey guys look at him.” I said to the girls as we all turned and looked at the same time. Just then, when he must have realized we were all looking at him, he pulled out a wad of $100 bills right in front of our faces. “Wow!” we all said under our breath to each other at the same time. “Now I know how the girls feel when a man comes in with a ton of money.!” He looked right in my eyes when I said that and smiled. Man he was so good looking, I would totally dance for him if I was a stripper. “Hey Natalie? He is staring at you look” one of my friends nudged me from behind. She was right he was staring right at me. The same way he would stare at one of those strippers to give him a lap dance. By this time I am totally tipsy and my friends dare me to go and talk to him. So I walk over to his table and sit down next to him. “So is this the kinda girl you like?” I say to him while we are both looking at the hot stripper taking her panties off. “No. She isn’t my type actually. My type isn’t working tonight.” he said staring at me looking me up and down. “Oh.” I said startled. Not really knowing what to say I said “what kind of girls do you like?” He grinned at me and held is wad of cash in front of me. “Listen, I will give you 2k to dance for me in a private room.” I was shocked at the invitation, but intrigued as well. “Well I don’t umm work here so yea ummm.” was all I could think to say. “Come on baby girl. Let’s have some fun, he said waiving the $100 bills in my face. I turned to look at my friends and they were pressing me to take him up on the offer. When I turned back to face him, he was talking to the owner of the club to give him a VIP room all to himself. He grabbed my hand and led me back to the VIP room. All the girls working there were staring at me as we passed through the club. They knew I had took their favorite customer for the night. It was obvious he liked to spend money.

We get to this secluded VIP room where curtains are draped all around. There is a chair in the middle of the floor and the music is playing loud. He goes to the chair and sits down grinning at my while looking me up and down. “Do you expect me to take off my clothes?” I asked him. “What ever you feel comfortable doing is fine with me baby.” he said leaning back in the chair and stretching his legs.  I was tipsy and turned on at the same time. I started dancing for him doing a great fucking job. His eyes were glued to me, looking over every part of my body. It was like he had seen it before, but not the way he wanted to. I liked the attention so much I wanted more of it. I started to pull my halter top above my naval. Rubbing my stomach watching his every move. He adjusted in his chair as if the room temperature was going way up. I thought to myself “why not? Why not just give him a look?” I had great breasts, at least thats what my boyfriend always told me right before sucking them like crazy. I dropped my halter top slowly down below my breasts so he could see them. “Your too far away.” He said while his eyes motioned me to come and dance on his lap. I did just that. I hopped up on his lap and started grinding my hips slowly back and forth. His hands landed on the small of my back moving his way up to my shoulders. I got chills as he caressed me so softly. I knew my panties were starting to get wet. Now was the time I should have stopped him but I didn’t for some reason. My eyes closed and head rolled back only to feel his tongue start to lick my hard nipples. He soon has his entire mouth over my nipples sucking them better than my boyfriend ever had. I was hooked, there was nothing I could do to get away from his hold. He licked from my right breast to the left leaving me hornier and hornier each time he licked. I could smell my pussy from between my legs. My mini skirt rose above my ass and his hands were on it. “Give it to me.” he said. I was puzzled and dazed at the same time. “Give you what?” I said. “THIS!” he growled while grabbing my entire pussy in his hand. I jumped back trying to get off his lap. “Ummm I told you, I’m not a dancer. And I thought you are not supposed to touch the dancers?!” I barked at him. “But your not a dancer are you?” he said with a grin his face. Just then he unzipped his pants and pulled this huge almost 10 inch hard cock out and rested it on my belly. “Put it in.” he said. I could stop staring at it. It was so beautiful I wanted to touch it and rub it for the rest of my life. My boyfriend was not nearly this big. I tried to get up again. He pulled me down, grabbed his cock and pushed it right past my panties into my pussy. I screamed and he put his tongue in my mouth to muffle my scream. It hurt at first but instantly felt good after a few good thrusts. I couldn’t believe what was happening. He had me pulled so close to him pumping away inside of me. I could feel my stomach filling up with his cock, every single inch of it. It was so deep it brought tears of joy to my eyes. This is what I needed. It felt so good I couldn’t help but to let him do whatever he wanted to me. Once he felt my resistance had dropped he put his hands on my shoulders and pulled me close. “I’m going to cum inside you baby. I think thats what you need tonight.” he said while pumping faster. “No no no no!” I moaned trying to catch my breath. I was going to cum too. He had me held so tight I couldn’t get away. “Don’t you remember me Natalie?” he said looking into my eyes, thrusting even harder and faster. “I’m your boyfriends Richard’s best friend from college Nate.” he said while grinning and pumping harder and harder. Right as he said that I realized who he was. I haven’t seen him in a long time but I knew he was married and he thought I was in love. “I don’t think we should tell him about this.” he mocked me while pumping me. “Omg! I can’t believe this. Stop it. We need to stop, I.. I didn’t…” I couldn’t get it out, he was cumming inside of me and I was squirting all over his cock. It was the best feeling I ever had. I couldn’t stop myself from squirting. Even after I came, I couldn’t stop my pussy from bouncing up and down on his huge cock.

After I squirted everything I had inside me, he slowly lifted me up off his cock and helped me pull my dress down. “Here you go baby.” he pulled out a wad of money and threw it up in the air to make it rain on me. “Thanks for the fuck, now I know what Rich was talking about. You are a good fuck toy!” He stepped over me and walked out not looking back. I picked up my money just like one of the girls. Guess there is a little stripper in all of us.

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