Mr. Frederick!

This weekend is starting out with a bang! Thanks Fred for a awesome convo for sure. I thought I was the only pothead out there. I guess that’s how we can talk for hours and not realize how much time has passed.  But hanging out with you, talking about music and sports flirting here and there, is what really got my panties super wet. By the time, we started talking nasty I was ready for round 10. Man I loved hearing you moan on the phone, it really got me in the zone. I could tell that your mouth was really close to the phone. (The first giveaway that you had a girlfriend!) but as you see I didn’t care, I mean thats your thing. I’m just here to enjoy every bit of your sexuality again and again. I will NEVER get the way of ur and her. It’s funny because it did feel like a little love affair we were having huh? Can’t wait until we talk again!


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