Pervy Mr. Randell

     It was a hot summer day and every one in my apartment complex goes to the pool. All the girls love getting attention from the guys in their micro bikini’s. Natalie just came home from college when she ran into her neighbor Randell who is always staring at her. “Oh brother here he comes again. I hate this guy! He is always staring at me and undressing me with his eyes.” she said to herself. Natalie hated pervs’ but there was something about the attention that made her feel good. Natalie had on a pair of daisy duke shorts and a tank top with no bra underneath. “I’m going to tease him a little” she thought as she switched her ass past his front door. (which was close to the pool of course) “Hey Natalie! Is that you? Wow look at you! Your mother told me you were coming home from college this summer.” I licked my lips and gave him a big smile. “Hey Mr. Randall. Yea I am taking a break from the summer. I needed it badly. So I thought I would hang out with my family this summer.” He looked Natalie’s body up and down like she was a piece of meat. He wasn’t trying to be discreet at all. He was looking right at her nipples and for some reason, the harder he looked, the harder her nipples got. “Hows your wife Mr. Randall?” I asked him as if it would take is mind of my tits. “Oh umm she is fine.” he said still staring at me. “She had to go out of town for a few days to visit family. She left me all this money to go out to dinner get some stuff for the house but I don’t want to do that right now.” I could tell by the way he was holding up the money, he was trying to offer it to me. But what was he trying to offer it to me for??? My nipples got harder. Poking right through my transparent tank top. I walked up to him without even thinking, pressed my body up against his and slowly slid the roll of money out of his hand. We were standing so close I could feel his breath panting on my face. He was losing control.  Usually this would totally turn me off, but for some reason I felt so turned on. I couldn’t believe he was offering me money for my attention. I counted the money right there in his face. $1000 in 20 dollar bills. I gave him a grin and walked to the pool where every one was swimming and hanging out. He followed me.

     “Guess who’s here everyone?” I yelled out loud to make my grand entrance. I hugged and kissed everyone I knew. I could feel Randall’s eyes on me the entire time I walked around the pool area. He was adjusting his swim trunks obsessively. There were so many people drinking and having fun, no one was paying attention to the horny guy drooling over me. I took my shorts off leaving my tank top on and a tiny pink thong and jumped in the pool. I mingled for hours in the pool with my friends and neighbors. We got so drunk, it was amazing I could even keep my self up in the pool. I decided a swim to the deep end would help me sober up. I see a crowd I know at the other end and I start to swim. After chatting with my friends from high school who are now attending different colleges, I hear a huge splash in the water. I turn around and Randall is floating right behind me. I turn around and start dancing as if I don’t notice him. I feel a pair of hands slide around my waist under the water, in the midst of the crowd. No one was paying attention, they were super wasted including myself. He gripped his arm around my waste from behind and I could feel his dick right on my ass. I couldn’t move if I wanted to. He used his other hand to rub my pussy through my panties making it wetter then the water ever could. I could tell he had been wanting to touch me for a long time. He had been fantasizing about me but just too scared to act. “What are you doing Mr. Randall? I asked dumbfounded. “I’m getting what I paid for!” he said as he pushed his huge thick cock inside my pussy from behind. It was so fat I screamed, but everyone thought I was messing around drunk. They all cheered after me. He pulled me closer and drove his cock past my thong so deep inside me, I could feel my stomach pushing out away from me. I was all filled up with cock and didn’t want him to stop. “Take it Natalie!” he whispered in my ear. “I bet you didn’t learn how to take a big fat dick in college did you?” he mocked me as he fucked me as hard as he could. The water was splashing everywhere, but everyone was dancing so you couldn’t tell he was fucking my brains out. He pinched my nipples with his huge fat fingers as hard as he could. He was towering over my 5 foot 3 body like a giant. He was 6’3 and 240lbs. Very muscular with a little padding around it all. And he was using every bit of force to fuck my 130lb body. “Now I’m going to cum inside of your sweet bald pussy Natalie and your not going to tell anyone are you? Because if you do, I’m going to show everyone the video of you taking my money and offering your pussy for it. Who do you think they are going to believe Natalie?” I was shocked. He planned this all along. He knew what he was going to do and I had no control over it at all. I instantly went from feeling good to feeling played and I wasn’t turned on anymore. Before I could even refuse, I felt him pull me close and he pumped a huge load of cum inside of my pussy. Bouncing my weightless body up and down in the pool, stroking every drop of cum inside of me. “Your my college cunt now Natalie!” he said out loud as he pulled out his cock stuffing it back in his trunks. He didn’t look back to see my face, he just got out of the pool and walked over to a beautiful woman getting into the pool at the other end. His wife……

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