My Boyfriend is a Horrible Gambler, Decides to use me instead of cash!

It is date night and I am so excited. Eric and I haven’t been getting along the best lately. He has been out all hours of the night. I would have sworn he was cheating if I didn’t have multiple friends who said he sat at the Poker table all night. What the fuck was he thinking? Blowing away all our money? I know he has been working hard for us over the past few years, but I would have thought he would have settled in. I love him so much, I will do anything to make it right. That’s why I have prepared this awesome dinner for the both of us. The table was decked out to perfection. I even put out the good dishes my mom gave us when we moved in together. I was wearing a sexy black dress he got me for my birthday and my hair was pinned in a nice tight ballerina bun, the way he liked. 7pm he was home, I heard the car come in the driveway. But I didn’t just hear one door close, I heard all four of the doors close and talking getting louder to the door. Did he bring friends home? I thought to myself. Out of all the nights he could have done this, it was a Saturday, our only free day to spend time together.

“Hey beautiful I’m home!” he came up to me drunk as a skunk with a defeated look in his face. “Where have you been? You said you were going to the store and would be back. That was hours ago Eric!” He didn’t have the slightest concerned look in his face. He tried to butter me over instantly. “Look baby, ok yes! I went out and gambled a little bit tonight and didn’t do so good. So I invited a couple of the guys over to help me feel better. I promise I will get the money back baby. Don’t be mad at me. I feel really really lucky tonight.” I saw that glow in his eyes. He really thought it was a winner. I couldn’t crush that. So I nodded my head in agreement. “Come on in guys, see I told you she would be ok with it. That’s why I’m in love with this woman!!” I smiled to them and waved as they all piled in the house. They looked me up and down like I was a piece of meat. It actually made me feel special. Eric better understand and appreciate what he as at home, his friends seem to.

I followed his friends into the kitchen to help Eric get his friends drinks. When I came in the kitchen the room got quiet. “Don’t stop talking because I am here. Consider me one of the guys.” Everyone laughed, especially Eric. “Hey sexy can you keep them company for a minute I have to go and use the bathroom?” I nodded. “Yes of course!” He disappeared with this weird unsure look on his face. But I didn’t pay him any attention, I had guest to entertain. When I turned back around to the crowd, there were four guys just staring at me. “So what’s on your mind guys? I asked trying to start up convo. The biggest of the four guys approaches me. “You know why we are here right?” I nodded. “Yes… I-I thi..!” and before I could get the rest out, He turned me over bent me over the table I prepared to nicely for our dinner and reached between my legs and ripped my panties off. I started to scream instantly and all the guys started laughing and pulling their cocks out jerking around the table. I couldn’t see this guys cock, but by the sharp pain piercing in my body, it was way bigger my pussy had ever experienced. He fucked me so hard and fast, I couldn’t even think of what was happening to me. The guys came closer and started smearing their precum all over my face and lips. “Suck it bitch! they insisted while grabbing my tight bun of hair and pushing it down over and over again on top of a thick 8 inch cock. I felt the tears flow from my eyes faster then I could cry them. The big tall guy behind me leans down over my body. “So your boyfriend has a gambling problem eh? Well he was good in offering your sweet fucking pussy as a way to make his money back! You are going to give me every cent worth bitch!” He licked the side of my face and pulled his cock out of my pussy and shoved it in my asshole. Even Eric has never fucked me in the ass. It’s too extreme for me. I was a virgin at it. I started to scream at the top of my lungs. “Mmmmm, yea baby. That’s right scream, I like it better when you scream. I couldn’t get away he wasnt letting me. The guys around me were still jerking and you could tell they enjoyed what they saw. “Don’t worry baby I’m almost done.” I was scared of that thought, knowing it was only going to get worse. He fucked me for what seemed like a hour and then I felt his hand heavier on the back of my neck, almost choking me. The pain was so intense I couldn’t move. I could only hope with every stroke it was his last. Then faster, and faster. He fucked me so fast the tears I thought I didn’t have flew out of my face. “How much? How much? Please! Please I will pay it! Please just stop I can’t take anymore!” I yelled. My mouth was wide open from the girthy 8 inch cock in my virgin ass and before I knew it, 3 guys were launching their loads in my mouth while he was launching one huge load in my asshole. Pounding it for each drop of cum that still needed to cum out.

Aww baby, you dont need to pay  me back, your sweet pussy and ass was more than enough. Besides your worth way more than the $200 bucks he lost gambling against me tonight. Tell him he can come and sit at my Poker table anytime.” I couldn’t believe Eric did this to me. His friends cleaned their cocks off with my silk table cloth and walked out the door. I collapsed to the ground unable to stand, my ass still feeling like there was a cock in it. I called for Eric, but he wasn’t there. I crawled to the bathroom and opened the door and seen he was gone leaving behind a rag full of cum he left on the sink with a note: Be back soon baby. I’m sorry, don’t be mad but I feel so lucky! I will make it up I promise-Eric. To be continued. . .

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